Notary Service


In a metropolitan city such as Hong Kong, it is not uncommon for investment or personal activities to involve a foreign element.  Are you purchasing land and properties overseas?  Do you require documents to be certified or authenticated for the purpose of emigration or studies abroad?

Our Notary Public will provide services to you in the preparation and authentication of documents to use abroad.  Examples include the preparation and witnessing of Powers of Attorney, the witnessing of contracts and other documents for purchase of overseas properties, the authentication of personal documents and information, the administration of oaths and declarations for use abroad, the authentication of company documents and information, the witnessing of contracts for commercial transaction, etc. 

Our Notary Public will also provide services in preparing ship’s protests and authentication, and a secure record for a transaction, document or event.


For enquiries, please contact our Miss Libby Houng at:

+852 2877 3011 ext 16.